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IM&AC, L.L.C. has two divisions. BLS Business Listing Service provides merger and acquisition (M&A) consulting services only to dot-com, high-tech and medical-related mid-market companies that are contemplating sale. International Merger and Acquisition Consultants provides outsourced strategic planning and corporate development assistance to potential sellers or acquirers of high-tech, dot-com and medical-related mid-market corporations. We are experienced M&A business advisors specializing in business sales and business acquisitions, experienced in mazimizing business value and selling your business confidentially to an established pool of national and international buyers. We have the investment banking experience to assist you.

Your High-Tech, Dot-Com, and Medical Middle Market M&A Specialists - -

BLS handles only dot-com companies and nutrition, health food and life-extension nutrition supplement and health product companies and high technology neutraceutical and pharmaceutical companies often having a relationship with MIT, Georgia Tech or Johns Hopkins.

Your Outsourced Corporate Development Resource - -

BLS specializes in the sale of privately-held dot-com and medical-related companies. These companies have sometimes been in the family for generations and are subject to the trust agreements and the politics of family-held corporations. BLS either provides paid daily consulting services or works under a contingent buy/sell agreement with a potential seller. Under a buy/sell agreement no payment is due BLS until the seller decides it wishes to sell the company under its own terms and the sale is closed.

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Last modified: November 17, 2020